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A family-operated french bulldog breeding business where optimum quality is a given

At Frenchie MK, we breed all of our puppies in a warm and welcoming family environment. We respect and adore our animals! Having our own French bulldog breeding operation is a dream we’ve had since childhood. In fact, from a young age, more than anything, we wanted to have dogs, but since our family situation was precarious, we couldn’t afford to buy an animal and raise it properly. So in 2016, once we were adults, we started breeding Chihuahuas.

It was a wonderful experience that leads us to Frenchie MK our own family operated French bulldog breeding business. We fell in love whit or first French bulldog Mya and Kali and decided to get another one and then another one.

Currently, our family-operated French bulldog breeding business offers three top-quality dogs that are affectionate and very good with children. All of our dogs that have been placed in foster home have done a wonderful job of fulfilling their role as therapy dogs. It gives us great pride to see children who had speech problems interact normally and express themselves clearly in their day-to-day lives. What’s more, all of our French bulldogs are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) and have undergone full DNA testing and screening for congenital diseases, etc.

If you need further information, it would be our pleasure to answer all your inquiries privately.

Available puppies

Discover the beautiful French bulldog pups we have for sale. They’re looking for their forever home! At Frenchie MK, all of our puppies have been dewormed three times, vaccinated and microchipped. We also offer you a one-year guarantee against any congenital defects and we’re always here to give you advice regarding your canine companion. When you adopt one of our French bulldog puppies, to ensure that everything goes smoothly, we offer you an hour of private training at a renowned obedience school in Laval. No French bulldogs available at this time? Consult our “Upcoming breedings” page, where we announce our upcoming services. You’re sure to find your future four-legged friend!

Our studs and females

Our studs and females

Discover the characteristics of the studs and females that have built our reputation and ensured the quality of our breeding operation. All of our French bulldogs are under the rigorous medical supervision of Jean-François Fortin a respected veterinarian. Furthermore, we have them tested for any hereditary diseases before we breed them.

Upcoming breedings: find your dog

Upcoming breedings: find your dog

Are you looking for a dog in particular? To make it easier for you to get your future French bulldog, we always announce our upcoming services in our “Upcoming breedings” page. As a result, you’ll have the opportunity to lock in subject to the payment of administrative fees.

A rarity: the longhaired French bulldog


French bulldogs generally have short hair; however, some carry a gene that gives them soft, downy fur.

Very soft to the touch, they’re genuine fluff-balls!

This gene, known as LH, is naturally present in the French bulldog population, resulting in the appearance of a glorious mane, making these dogs unique in their class.


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